Friday, September 28, 2007

I've Been Tagged

1. What was i doing 10 years ago?
oh my. i was living in St. David and in the 4th grade. My teacher was Ms. Panzeck and she was completely insane. we called her Ms. Panycrack, and i dont even know why.

2. What was i doing 5 years ago?
I was a sophomore at Gilbert high school. my least favorite year. I think thats the year Tamra became my sister in law!! I dont function very well in regards to years. i have to think about it in terms of what grade i was in. is that weird?

3. What was i doing one year ago today?
I'm not sure... but it could have been the day Mark and i met!!! what a magical day!

4. What was i doing yesterday?
I woke up at 7:40 am. i took the silly pink foam curlers i bought the night before out of my hair. It was outragously curly... kinda scary. Then i went to school until 1:00 pm. Then i went to work until 6:00 pm. Then i picked Mark up from work and we drove to Sandy. at 7:00 pm i went to a bridal shower that Mark's home ward RS threw for me. It had a theme of "house keeping". I got lots of WONDERFUL stuff. including a vacuum, ironing board, and an iron. All from people i dont even know! Then i went back to Marks house, had dinner, updated our registery at crate and barrel, and slept on his very cumfy couch. busy day.

5. What are 5 snacks i enjoy eating?
1. Reese's peanut butter cup
2. Strawberry milk through my "sip-ahh" straws
3. Turckey sandwhiches
4. Tootsie Rolls
5. homemade pizza's

6. What would i do with $100 million?
Buy a nice house. Travel with Mark. Visit family and buy them presents. And then save the rest and use it to keep doing cool stuff like this for the rest of my life!

7. What are 5 bad habbits that i have?
1. PROCRASTINATING (in fact, i'm supposed to be preparing my RS lesson right now.)
2. Sleeping in too late
3. Not resolving issues quickly... kinda a weird one, but it comes up surprisingly often.
4. kinda goes wtih #1, but surfing the internet
5. bad talking my roommates... i really dont like them. they are all slobs.

8. 5 things i like to do
1. Be with Mark
2. Go out to eat
3. Knitting
4. Watch movies/go to movies
5. Eat dessert

9. 5 TV shoes that I and Mark watch
1. Prison Break
2. 24
3. The Office
4. CSI: Miami
5. Seinfeld

10. 5 biggest joys right now
1. Mark/ getting married
2. Going to the temple on Thursday
3. Seeing my family!!
4. Bridal Showers (i have 2 tomorrow! i'm the luckiest girl ever!)
5. The fact that a test i've been dreading is over today!

I tag: Allison and Shelly