Friday, April 23, 2010


We saw avatar a while ago, and it was great! There was just one thing that bothered me from the time Jake Sully went into avatar mode, until the end of the movie. The Vonage logo on his face was very distracting. Sorry if I ruined anything, but Callie laughed when I showed her. -Mark

Friday, April 16, 2010

We Are Moving To A Little Place Called......


Well, it's about time we made it official, and by official i mean announce it on our blog. Mark and I are moving to China for 4 months to teach English, and have a little adventure!!!

We just got our official assignment today. Zhongshan, China.

Here is a little information about our city:
  • it is a sister city to Honolulu, Hawaii
  • there is/will be a lamp museum, in the shape of a lamp
  • there are several hot spring resorts
  • has the largest bronze statue in the world
  • a pedestrian mall (of course!)
  • the above notable Fufeng Pagoda which is 7 stories and was built in 1608
  • the province has 500 miles of coastline

it is located in the Guangdong province, which is SouthEast China, near Hong Kong.

Our current departure date is August 23rd, although we may opt to go a little earlier to have some time to ourselves before everything starts.

Can't wait!