Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh Paul!

Oh my. Where to begin??? My sisters Sanya and Tara and our friend Tobi came up for the Paul McCartney concert. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! We had so much fun!

Here we are before we left.

Let me just say, that i have never considered myself to be a "silly" girl. But, remember seeing videos of all those girls screaming, crying, fainting, etc. for The Beatles back in the day? well as soon as Paul came out, I all of a sudden became one of them.

Well, not just me. Tara was sitting next to me and I couldn't stop jumping up and down, giggling to myself, and she couldn't stop screaming. literally, all night. my ear was ringing. Tara and i just kept looking at each other and laughing because we couldn't believe Paul was in our midst.

needless to say, we were pretty excited!

I had so much fun! I'm pretty sure all the lame people around us thought we were crazy for screaming, standing, singing, yelling, screaming some more, belting all the songs, and dancing all over the place. We had a great night.

Thanks Paul! Come back soon please!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Goodman Reunion 2010

This past week we were in AZ for a reunion with my family. We had a great time! so get ready for some pictures!!

first of all, i must start with the drive down. we left at 4:00 am so that we could get there at a decent time. unfortunately we weren't counting on an entire highway being closed for 2 hours due to a forest fire. so here we are parked on the freeway.

once we got there the kids swam and we recouped from our long drive with a little BBQ.

That night all the boys went to a D-backs game (i am still pretty peeved that i didn't' get to go, since it was the plan for Mark and I to go and whoever else wanted to could come.... jump to everyone going but me!! ugh!)

so the girls got to take all the kids to Grandma Hatch's to pick some corn.

we kicked off the official reunion with a trip to the temple. afterward we all went out for lunch. i ordered the artichoke chicken and it was literally the best thing i have EVER eaten in my entire life. i need more.

The next morning we all met at the greatest gas station and pit stop in the world, QT, and headed off for some camping!

Mom and Zack were out for most of the way.

setting up camp.

we had a great location! we were right next to this fun swing that all the kids loved to play on.

hanging out

the kids were constantly filthy. granted, there is a lot of dirt in the forest.

at night, we had a little program. for part of it, the kids played a game where they would pass a ball around and when the music stopped playing, whoever was holding it had to do something. they loved it!

Bryce had to make his scariest face.

carter had to strike a pose from wii fit.

bed head.

we were in charge of lunch on the second day. So, i thought this was a great opportunity for some box lunches. of course i had to personalize them with each name.

here we all are with our lunch boxes!

horse shoes was a very popular activity. mark got pretty dang good!


Look how cute!!!

mom made these cute little kits for all the grand kids. adorable. they each got a hat, sunglasses, and a backpack for exploring and collecting treasures!

tamra brought her notorious marble game. we played a lot!

One time mark and i went to take a nap. he took off his shoes and found this, regardless that he was wearing tennis shoes AND socks.

The night we got back just the adults went out to Texas Roadhouse. it was so good, and fun!!

The family pics:

It was a great time!!! i can't wait for next year!