Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthday Events

Ok, so as most of you know, my birthday was on Monday. Because we basically counted our big trip as my "birthday" we just had a nice relaxing actual day. It was actually a bit like every other day.

I went to work:

I went to school:

After i got home from school, i decided that it being my birthday and all, i needed a treat. So i made some of these. (These aren't the actual ones i made, but trust me, they looked -and were- just as tasty)

Then Mark came home and he was sweet enough to watch this with me:

While we ate this:

It was just wonderful. Then Mark and I hung out, listened to some Harry Potter in preparation for the new movie this summer, and went to bed. Quite lovely.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Little Road Trip Video

The Trip

So over Spring break Mark and I took a nice road trip. First stop, In-N-Out in St. George. We went and had a little picnic at the St. George temple.

The greatest view there could ever be:

Then we drove to Las Vegas. We had a great time hanging out on the strip. We stayed at the Luxor. The next morning we drove to the Las Vegas temple and had a "little" different Vegas experience.

Then we got back in the car and drove to AZ to visit the fam.

My nephew Thomas got baptized! It was so awesome and we are so proud of Thomas.

The guys.
Jason and Thomas
The other boys. Sam, Carter, and Bryce
Then we had a little birthday party for all the March birthdays. Jordan, me, and Calvin
I chose the cake. It was SOOOO yummy.
Cartie wants some cake too!
Anyway, it was a great fun trip. Just a little too short. I am definitely not ready for the real world again.

The Before and After



Thursday, March 12, 2009


I need to vent for a moment about my intense hatred for the way iceberg lettuce is packaged. I'm not sure how this happens, but Mark and I go through one of these babies every week. I have a theory that it is not because we necessarily eat the whole thing, it is just packaged so poorly that there is no way to keep it fresh. Therefore, we end up throwing half of it away because face it, nobody wants to eat limp leafs.

Does anybody else feel this burning dislike? As soon as i pull it out of the fridge i can just feel the pressure building. I KNOW yet again, i am not going to be able to get that "super" tape off of the extremely thin plastic without ripping it. And what do you know, it happens, a huge hole in the plastic that I'm pretty sure shrinks as soon as the lettuce is free, and can no longer even cover half of the "berg."

Can somebody please come up with a new way to wrap/package these things before i completely lose my marbles??

Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Savings is Ruining My Life!

Ok, so not really, but I absolutely hate it. Growing up in Arizona we feel that time is not something that can or should be meddled with. Since when can you just decide that we are going to move time all around. Its weird and confusing. (especially to half of my ward who showed up an hour late to church yesterday.) Luckily our cool alarm clock automatically adjusts for such nonsense, so we had no time discrepencies.

Anyway, back to my life being ruined. Apparently, my sleep is not something that should be infringed upon either. I get very grumpy if I do not get enough sleep. Just ask Mark, I could not get out of bed today. I was so out of it. Even the shower couldn't wake me up. So, i was 20 minutes late to work. And then once i got here (yes i am blogging at work. don't judge me.) i was falling asleep at my desk waiting for my computer to boot up. (In my defense, I have the slowest, oldest computer known to man. It takes about half an hour to open just my email, quickbooks, and the internet.)

So, i blame all of this misfortune on missing an hour of sleep. Blast whoever thought of daylight savings. (Just kidding, I know that Benjamin Franklin did, and he is one of my heros, he just made one mistake thats all)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mark's Quotes

Ok, so as some of you may or may not know, when Mark was growing up his parents only listened to the Carpenter's (and probably some MoTab). (I know, this explains SOOO much!) But yesterday Mark got his hands on a Carpenter's greatest hits CD. Let's just say that he is very nostalgic. He loves it. So much, that it makes him say really weird things. So here are a couple of his "Carpenter's quotes" from the last couple days as we have been driving in the car listening to it:

1) If there was an endless amount of new Carpenter's songs, I could drive around the whole world!
2) Callie, the Carpenter's make me love you even more! (followed by a look of deep concern and slight disgust from me)

I thought they were funny and let you see a little bit of how dorky Mark really is.