Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a blast on Memorial day! Here is what we did:

We went kayaking down Provo river. Here are some sweet pics:

don't we look cool in our life jackets?

Mark giving you a taste of the "dreaded Provo river rapids!" (dun dun dun!!!)

Mark is a pretty good kayaker!

Callie's "rough time"

Yes!! One with both of us!

I had to put a video on to redeem myself for my previous failures. I'm really not that bad at kayaking i promise!

Does anyone know the phone number for this rafting company??

After kayaking, we went home and got ready for the day. Then we stopped by the Provo cometary to see Mark's grandparents

Then we headed on up to Sandy to have a little BBQ with the fam.

Mark's dad firing up the grill!

The food was SOOO good. They had steak, hamburgers, and hotdogs. I had one of each!!! It was so good!!

Me getting ready for some Crockett.

Katrina and Kassandra swinging

Me and Mark swinging

Robert and Kassandra

the cutest boy in the world!!!

Mark was swinging Kassandra in this little swing. She LOVED it. Mark kept tickling her and they were both laughing SOOO hard.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rock Canyon Hike

After our wonderful excursion to the Y, we decided that this summer we would do a hike every Saturday morning. Yesterday, we decided to hike up rock canyon in Provo. We are "dog-sitting" for Wendy, so the wonderful Sydney came along.

Here is Mark trying to get her to drink at the water fountain; she wasn't interested.

This trail is so awesome because not only is it beautiful, but it runs along this great little river. (we don't know what river it is.)

Here is Mark chillin' on a big rock.

And me chillin' on a big log

This trail has 5 different bridges that you cross. Here they are:




crazy callie

4 (notice some we remembered to give the number, some we didn't)


mark and his buddy

This day, we decided just to hike to the trail head for Squaw Peak. So here we are.

Next Saturday we are going to actually hike Squaw Peak through here:

After we got to our destination, we tried to turn back to go home, but Sydney was too excited. She wanted to keep going so bad i could barely hold her!

On the way back down i decided that it would be real fun to throw a rock into the river.
So i did. (Notice Mark's beautiful action shot! and my nice shot-put throw)
After seeing how much fun i had with my rock, mark decided to throw an even bigger rock!

Nice throw mark!

I should add that on this hike Mark was trying real hard to be less of an "anti-hiker-social" so he said hi to every person we saw! Some of them were real nice, and others ignored him completely! ha ha! They need to work on their "anti-hiker-sociality"

Y Pics

I told you about us hiking the Y, but here are the official pictures. This is the trail head and map.

Has anyone been to the Y? It looks real nice and smooth from down below, but it sure is bumpy and not comfy

Here is the view of the BEAUTIFUL Provo valley and Utah Lake. Mark indicated our apartment complex with a red arrow.

Then our always awkward self portraits. We need a tripod or something. There were several other people up there when we were, we probably should have asked them. We are just a little anti hiker social.

(P.S. can you tell Mark wrote this one! My nice little blogging buddy!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So last weekend Mark and I participated in a 5K race for ADC (Association for Deaf Children) It was so great! We signed up about 2 months before, but didn't end up really training for it until the week before. I like to run, but haven't really done it in a long long time, and Mark has never really been a runner. But, we thought it would be a good motivator for us to get into better shape.

So for those of you who don't know, a 5K is 3.1 miles. two days before the race we ran 2.8 miles. then the day before we were sissys and only ran about 1.something. But we thought we would do just great. and we did!!

Here we are before the race:

and here is the heard at the start:

So now for the drama. So in the race they had a couple spots where they had water stations. (you grab a cup of water as you run by) also, the people who "work" at the station tell you where to go. Apparently one of the "workers" didn't get the memo to tell everyone to turn, so we kept going straight.... and all ended up running 4.25 miles instead of the 3.1 we signed up for.

I was actually excited to find out we ran further than anticipated because towards the end i was really hurting. I couldn't figure out why i was so tired and winded. Now I feel better knowing it wasn't just me!

Here is Mark just about to cross the finish line. Why is Callie so far behind you might ask??

Because she was holding out so she could sprint the end and pass him up!!

So we wound up running 4.25 miles in 42 minutes! not to bad for amateurs.

Here is our cheesy photo shoot after we had caught our breath. (i looked awful after i finished, so you dont get the immediately after pics)

We had a great time! and are excited to find more races to run in!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things I've Done Since The Last Post:

1. Went to Woman's Conference with Wendy (and a little Samantha)
2. Finished SPRING Semester with straight A's
3. Started Summer School
4. Done two Mary Kay parties (have another one on Friday!)
5. Defined my job description as: secretary, IT lady, payroll specialist, and accountant (i need a raise!!)
6. Fixed 3 major computer problems at work (hence the IT lady description)
7. Had some wonderful dates/picnics with Mark
8. Had the most embarrassing moment of my entire life. No i wont post about it, but if you HAVE to know, call me, I'll tell you!
9. Hiked the Y with Mark
10. Had a lovely Mother's day dinner at Mark's parents'
11. Ate about 7 chocolate chocolate chip muffins from Costco... yeah, the big ones.
12. Re-read the 6th Harry Potter and started the 7th again.
13. Bought our tickets to go to Washington D.C.!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009