Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Never Thought I Would Love Grocery Shopping So Much!!!

Mark and I have entered that crazy world of couponing. I will admit that when Mark first brought up the idea of being "coupon people" I cringed and was full of doubt. After reading our coupon book of choice, I have been diligently clipping coupons for about a month. I have my huge 3-ring binder already starting to get full. Also, I have taken it upon myself to dig through our apartments recycle bin for discarded Red Plums. Lately... it has been so worth it!

This is a picture of our recent haul from Walgreens.

Here are our savings stats:

Original Cost of all items purchased: $102.00
Total Amount cash actually spent: $46.00
Amount earned to be spent at Walgreen's on our next purchase: $24.00

TOTAL taking into consideration savings earned on next purchase: $22.00!!!

That is right folks... i just got $102 worth of stuff we actually need and use for $22. I've never been so happy  to press the "yes my total is correct" button! That is 78% savings!!! I'll take it!

In case you want to know, this is what we got:

·         4 – Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil
·         4 – Kleenex Big Tissue Boxes
·         4 – Morton Salt
·         3-pack Crisco
·         1 – Pledge Multi-Surface Spray
·         2 – Windex Multi-Surface Spray
·         2 – Pledge Wipes
·         3 – Small Palmolive Dish Soap
·         1 – Scrubbing Bubbles Spray
·         4 –Pack Schick Hydro Refill Pack
·         4 – Dove-Men Deodorant
·         1 – Degree Women’s Deodorant
·         1 – Dove Women’s Deodorant
·         2 – Heavy Duty Packing Tape
·         3 –Pack Scotch Tape
·         3 – Revlon Nail Polish
·         1 – Sharpie Marker
1 - Brachs Candy Corn (because I just couldn't resist!)

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have been awful at posting this year!! (but i just did like 3 different posts... so scroll down if you're interested!) here are some updates that have been a long time comin!

This year, we went to a couple Real Salt Lake Games

We went bowling!

We had fun with our nephews magnetic ball toys!

Mark took some really cute pictures of himself!

I found this BYU hat and wore it around the store

I dyed my hair!

Had a great time on Temple Square!

Mark put chips on his sandwich. when i told him i didn't want any on mine...

...he gave me these instead

I started cutting Mark's hair. And I'm not to shabby if i do say so myself!

I made pies

We've had Mark's parents over for a few family dinners at our place

I helped mark discover the joys of apple peels

And we've had many a fun times with this lovely lady!

That is a quick recap of the last few months!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Marks Birthday

For Marks Birthday this year we had a pretty low key day. The week before we went to dinner with John and Sherry to Tuconos. It was a meat frenzy! On the day of, we both went to work. The day started out not so hot. Mark had to be to work at 5:00 am and when he tried to leave at 4:20 his car wouldn't start. So I crawled out of bed and drove him. But, on the bright side, we got to spend that much more time together!

I picked Mark up on my way home from work. When we got home, Mark opened presents. I got him new windshield wipers (he has been so jealous of how well  mine work) and i surprised him with a wonderful photo book of the first two years of our marriage. After presents, Mark took a nap while i hung out. When he FINALLY woke up we had dinner at Cafe Rio. Then we went to his parents house where we sang and had Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes! (thanks Wendy!!)

Unfortunately, the only pictures we got were on my phone.

The candles flames are the same  color as the wax! Cool!

Wednesday, Mark had the day off of work. He claimed birthday week rights and rented a video game and has been thoroughly enjoying it!

Silly face!!

Hee Haw!!!

Mark and I went to Hee Haw farms before Halloween with our friends John and Sherry. We had a great time! My favorite was definitely the cotton candy. Me least favorite part... when mark smacked me in the face with a tether ball. It was both awful and embarrassing... embarrassingly awful!

Mark and I had fun waiting for JS to get there by feeding the goats. They all ran over to mark when he started cranking the wheel for their food.

Mark had fun delivering the food on this crank system they had set up

Just a good lookin' John Deere Farmer! My Grandpa would be proud!

We had fun getting lost in the corn maze... until we all got hungry! then we wanted out!!

After our great times at hee haw we went to John and Sherry's with some In N' Out burgers! it was a great night!

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins for Halloween! I look a little creepy in these pictures, but i like my toothy pumpkin! Mark HATED his pumpkin. He kinda started carving without a real idea of what he wanted to do. in the end we decided it looked like E.T.! He threw it away soon after taking the pictures, he just couldn't handle having it around.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Love Day

Mark and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on Tuesday. It was a wonderful day of our love!

Keeping up with tradition we went to Park City. We love that place. especially on our love day! On the way down we saw these 4 helicopters. We decided they were representing our 4 years of marriage! (sorry if you can't see them very well... and aren't we so patriotic!?)

We did have a HUGE disappointment. Every year for our anniversary, we used to go to this cute little fudge shop. this is what we found this year...

CLOSED!!! we were quite sad.

Anyway, we quickly recovered because we had dinner at Zoom. It is one of Robert Redford's restaurants as part of Sundance.

  For appetizers we got pulled pork quesadillas. YUM!!

I got these intensely flavorful noodles!!! I want more right now! they were so savory and delicious!

Mark got the steak. It was also very delicious!

Let's just say that we were very full afterwards, and our wallets were much lighter. This tied for our most expensive meal ever! But oh so much better!

We drove around and thoroughly enjoyed the fall colors. We decided we were married at the exact perfect time when everything is beautiful and the weather is perfect!

And better late than never, mark got me roses!! So sweet!