Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Never Thought I Would Love Grocery Shopping So Much!!!

Mark and I have entered that crazy world of couponing. I will admit that when Mark first brought up the idea of being "coupon people" I cringed and was full of doubt. After reading our coupon book of choice, I have been diligently clipping coupons for about a month. I have my huge 3-ring binder already starting to get full. Also, I have taken it upon myself to dig through our apartments recycle bin for discarded Red Plums. Lately... it has been so worth it!

This is a picture of our recent haul from Walgreens.

Here are our savings stats:

Original Cost of all items purchased: $102.00
Total Amount cash actually spent: $46.00
Amount earned to be spent at Walgreen's on our next purchase: $24.00

TOTAL taking into consideration savings earned on next purchase: $22.00!!!

That is right folks... i just got $102 worth of stuff we actually need and use for $22. I've never been so happy  to press the "yes my total is correct" button! That is 78% savings!!! I'll take it!

In case you want to know, this is what we got:

·         4 – Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil
·         4 – Kleenex Big Tissue Boxes
·         4 – Morton Salt
·         3-pack Crisco
·         1 – Pledge Multi-Surface Spray
·         2 – Windex Multi-Surface Spray
·         2 – Pledge Wipes
·         3 – Small Palmolive Dish Soap
·         1 – Scrubbing Bubbles Spray
·         4 –Pack Schick Hydro Refill Pack
·         4 – Dove-Men Deodorant
·         1 – Degree Women’s Deodorant
·         1 – Dove Women’s Deodorant
·         2 – Heavy Duty Packing Tape
·         3 –Pack Scotch Tape
·         3 – Revlon Nail Polish
·         1 – Sharpie Marker
1 - Brachs Candy Corn (because I just couldn't resist!)

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Sherry (Li Rong) said...

you are once again my idol!Our next gathering will be teaching sherry how to do coupon shopping:-)