Sunday, April 27, 2008

Manti Temple Trip

So last Saturday Mark and I decided to drive to Manti to do a temple session. It was about an hour and 40 minutes south east of us. It was obvious that BYU graduation was this past week, because there were several couples getting married. I think this is one of the two temples that still do live sessions so it was really cool to get to have that experience. (Salt Lake is the only other one that i know of). It was gorgeous inside! After we finished our session, we were talking to this sister and told her that it was our first time to that temple. She told us to go ask someone to take us to see the staircase, so we did. It was awesome. They have two winding staircases that do six full circles. So when you stand at the base of them and look up, it looks pretty amazing. And of course everything was hand carved. Anyway, we actually remembered to bring our camera so we took some pictures afterwards. Isn't mark so cute??

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Callie's New Do

So i went to a hair school by my house because it's way cheap. BUT, i was there for FIVE AND A HALF HOURS!! The girl did a good job, she just took FOREVER!!!!! Anyway, that's about it.

The Wall

So we had this great idea for a wall in our bedroom. We went and got pictures of all the temples that we had been to. (just been to, not been into... we would only have 3 if we did the other way)
So we got the pictures and then bought some foam board and put them together. Then we stuck them on the wall with some heavy duty double sided sticky things.
Anyway... by the second day, they ended up like this....

Any ideas??