Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks Day

We spent Thanksgiving with Mark's family this year. Here is our day in pictures!

We had Thanksgiving dinner at the American Fork house.

Katrina did all of the decor and set up! It was gorgeous!

the candlelit fireplace

Wendy made these great coloring/activity packets for the kids to color in this room. (they are on the table)

Yummy gumballs!

The hot chocolate station!

The dining tables! My favorite!


Here is my main man prepping for some yummy dutch oven!

Getting the food!

Mark checking on the progress of his masterpiece!

Wendy and I taking a break from cooking to snap some pics!

My love and me!

After dinner we all played some games.

first we played a Thanksgiving trivia game

Then we moved on to some Thanksgiving pictionary

We had a great time, with great people, and great food!

Monday, November 23, 2009

BYU v. Air Force

Saturday we went to the BYU game with Mark's brother Steven and nephew Matthew. Don't mind my hair, I came straight from an overnight trip.

We might have to go to all of the games next season just so we can have access to these! This here is a "Cougar Tail". It is about a foot and a half long maple bar doughnut. Amazing!

Matthew enjoying his frozen lemonade. It was cold out, but he insisted.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gets Him Every Time!

Every time this commercial comes on Mark giggles, then laughs, then has to lean on the wall for support. EVERY TIME!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two Five

I thought I would take a moment and share about my swell birthday month so far. Friday the 13th we had a Boy Scout camp out. I didn't really want to sleep in the cold for my birthday, but I wanted to continue my quest for dutch oven perfection. We enjoyed a wonderful soup, Parmesan rolls, and a classic cherry cobbler. I cooked dinner and then took off for my love bug, and my bed.

Enjoying the cobbler

What?!!! A birthday card from Condorman! Ok, Ok, I found the card and tested out my cursive. I got the classic eye roll from Callie. . .happens every time I bring up the winged warrior. One day I will convince her that Condorman really is a good movie.

We started the day off with some amazing Bisquick danish's, and then we went to Sandy for a little party. Mom, Dad, Callie, and I had lunch at Food For Thought. It was very much tasty! Then we went for a little birthday shopping. I wanted a new white dress shirt and black dress shoes. I think I was just meant to wear a french cuff, I feel so fancy. My shoes are superb as well. Maybe we can take a picture some time.

We ended the day with a movie and ice cream. What more could a kid want for a birthday party? It was a wonderful day. And I got two new little ones to uncle! Madeline 11/13 and Alex 11/17. November is no longer just about the turkey and I. Thank you for all of the wonderful birthday songs and wishes. I am loved.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday Month

I went to change my background to a Thanksgiving one today, but Mark insisted that we have a birthday one to celebrate his birthday month. I tried to talk him into a "birthday week" background, but he was pretty set on "birthday month."

So here is to you my love! Happy Birthday Month!

(Plus, how can you resist this face??)

And just to start the month off with a bang, here are the top 50 reasons why i love Mark!

He is:
1. Sweet
2. Caring
3. Thoughtful
4. Considerate
5. Clean
6. Helpful (in all situations)
7. Generous
8. Funny
9. Service Oriented
10. Dedicated
11. Hard Working
12. Efficient
13. Faithful
14. Cute
15. Good Memory
16. Smile
17. You Like My Cookin'!
18. Smart
19. Follow-Through
20. Time-Management
21. Frugal
22. Goal Setter
23. Family Oriented
24. Supportive
25. Understanding
26. Kind
27. Loyal
28. Curious
29. Good Dresser
30. Good ...
31. Loving
32. Help Around the House
33. Good Listener
34. Planner
35. Likes Good Music
36. Interesting
37. Wonderful (in every way)
38. Good Taste
39. Strong
40. Good Kisser (when he wants to)
41. Fun
42. Make Me Better
43. Well Rounded
44. Likes Outdoors
45. Talented
46. Exceeds my Expectations
47. Observant (Obsental??)
48. Wants to be a Little Kid
49. Great Bod
50. He Loves Me Back!

Happy Birthday Month Sweet! I love you forever!