Saturday, August 29, 2009


I forgot to post about our pre-school get-away. Before school started we took a quick little get-away to Salt Lake. We started out with a little lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen.

Then we went on over to the Clark Planetarium and saw Bugs in 3D. It was both entertaining and educational!

Then we played at the Planetarium. I spent forever watching this thing. Its basically a maze/obstacle course. there are a bunch of little golf-ball sized balls that go all over.

Then we headed on over to the gift shop and played with all the stuff

And tried on some hats. This is a lady bug

and some kind of space helmet

Then we drove over to the state capital. We took pictures with a bison (not a buffalo; thanks Cheryl)

We just walked around inside the capital. It's muchos beautiful.

We were going to go get some doughnuts at this place we have been wanting to go, but they were closed. So Mark just HAD to go to Maverick (yes the gas station) to get some frozen yogurt. I passed on gas station yogurt.
It was a nice little break before we started school. Now we are on to the new semester; full of stress, LOTS of reading, 4 research papers, and 5 presentations (and that's just my classes!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Real Salt Lake

So to celebrate our first day back at school Briant & Camille, and Mark & I went to the Real Salt Lake game (soccer for all you AZ folks!). We had a great time!! And of course Mark found us a screamin' deal on the tickets. While we were waiting for Briant and Camille we ate some hamburgers and french fries. Here i am eating more fry sauce than fry.

Me, Mark, Camille, and Briant

Briant and Camille

The coolest guy there

and the dorkiest girl

Great seats Mark!!

Leo the lion

And the best part is that we won!!! 4 to zip!

My Last First Day of School

So yesterday was my LAST first day of school... ever. It's a great great thing.

Of course we had to do the traditional first day of school pictures.

Mark didn't have classes yesterday so today was his first day

Such a cutie!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Worst Last Weekend Ever!!!

This is the last weekend before school starts, as well as the only weekend available for my dentist to take my wisdom teeth out. It was not my favorite. Luckily Mark got to go with me and observe/hold my hand.

I went to work for a couple hours in the morning and when i got home before the appointment, Mark had this cute little station all set up for me!

and a treat in the fridge!
I got two taken out; one on each side. The first one was already "there" like a regular tooth so he just stuck a wedge in there and pried it out. The second one was impacted so took some more "maneuvering" to get it out.

When they were doing the second one Mark decided he didn't like looking at me all painful and bloody and actually had to leave the room. such a softy!

I was awake the whole time, but they did give me the laughing gas. As i'm sure most of you know they put it over your nose, so when you want more you breathe through your nose, when you don't want anymore you breathe through your mouth. When they first started i got kinda dizzy so i stopped and forgot to start again after that. So i wasnt even a little bit loopy. sorry to disappoint.

Mark has been real good about making me put ice on my cheek so i won't swell up, but i do have a little. Here are some pictures of me looking quite ridiculous.

i don't know if you can tell in these pictures, but my right side (left in the picture) is a little swollen despite our icing efforts.

So on this last glorious weekend before school starts, i will be trying to be brave and heal so i can be all ready for my last semester!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thief: I Dare You!

Everyone needs to check out the site i found this picture on. It is hilarious!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Dear Bike Thief,

I would like to tell you that i am very disappointed in the choices you have made recently. First of all, stealing is bad; very bad. Secondly, you chose the wrong bike. Mark is a very nice boy who loves his bike and didn't deserve to get it stolen. When you took it, it made him very sad, distressed, shocked, and angry.

Next, you don't have very good taste. Although Mark's bike was very nice, it certainly wasn't the best bike there. After all, mine is a better brand, newer, and was parked right next to his. And, i would not have minded nearly as much if you had taken mine; I rarely ride it whereas Mark rides his everyday.

Also, it was very rude of you to just snip off his lock and toss it aside. We paid a good $15 for that lock and would much appreciate it if you would treat it with a little more respect. And i would like to tell you that you are not nearly as cool as you think you are. I know you probably thought you were all motcho taking it in broad daylight, but it just shows me that this is probably not your first time, and you have a lot of problems in your life.

So, for all of these reasons i feel very sorry for you and your pitiful thieving existence. I hope you are either thoroughly enjoying your "new" bike or else you got a good amount of money and used it for something worthwhile. For now i am just going to assume that you need it more than us.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going bike shopping! (and buying a much better lock)

with utter disgust,


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Attention everybody! My brother-in-law Jake will be appearing on Who Want to Be a Millionaire this Thursday at 7:00. Be sure to watch cuz honestly, when else are you going to know someone (or know someone who is related to someone) on Millionaire!!? Like i said, his name is Jake. You'll be able to recognize him by the Army uniform and his adorable wife Melinda in the audience!! YEAH JAKE!! We can't wait to see how you did! We're proud of you no matter what!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

12 and Counting

I forgot to post about the REAL new addition to the fam! My new nephew Jake was born on July 22!

That brings my count up to 10 nephews and 2 nieces! (on my side that is)

Big brothers Dallin and Bryce welcoming Jake home!

New Addition to the Family!

Not that kind of addition you crazy people! This kind!!
We had a very sad week last week in which our old trusty computer died. Literally. Mark was working on it, and it just shut down and wouldn't turn back on. But from every tragedy comes something new!

In this case it is the Dell Studio 17. Originally i wanted a Mac, but after comparing, this was definitely the smarter decision i think. for half the price we got double the RAM and triple the hard drive. Not to mention double the screen size. It's so big the keyboard has a number pad! this one also has some cool features such as a built in web cam (mom you really need to get yours working!) and a back lit keyboard, and a free upgrade to Windows 7.
We ordered it online and can't wait for our new little addition to come home to us in 5-8 days!

Because i will be graduating soon i have been thinking about what i want for my graduation gift. Originally i said a MacBook, but because we saved so much money on our new Dell i may be able to get this for graduation in addition to the laptop!

A movie projector!! Get ready for some fantastic movie nights!!
one more semester and it may be mine!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Day in the Life

As most of you know, my husband is adorable. However, he has some pretty weird names for me. Here are the ones he called me THIS morning. I will also give you the scenario in which they were given.

1. soy sauce

we were having breakfast and Mark drank all the milk. (we usually share the glass). He got up and refilled the glass for me. I said "thanks" and he said "no problem, soy sauce." I don't even know what to think about that.

2. short stack

I don't really remember the context for this one. But he defiantly referred to me as "short stack"

3. mean jean

He asked me if he needed to shave. I said that he did, and he replied "you are a mean jean." Once again, I'm not sure what to think, but it's pretty funny.

Also, i have been meaning to blog about Mark's incredible ability to create words. Most of the time he knows he is creating them, but sometimes i think he really thinks they are real words. (he will deny that of course) Here is one of them that i remember:

Last week we were driving and our car broke down. ( i know, so sad) but this really nice boy stopped and towed us out of the street. We were kinda surprised that he did it because when he got out of his car he was wearing just a swim suit, had gnarly hair, and was smoking. But he was SOO nice. Later we were talking about how we never want to judge anyone ever again and mark said "yeah, i just want to be obsental [ohb-zen-tal]." get it? not judgmental - obsental; meaning he just wants to observe without judgment.

Now i know you are all dying to spend a day in my life right??