Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Practically April... and it's Snowing

So this morning i looked at the weather report online and saw that it was supposed to snow today. So i went over and opened the blinds... and this is what I saw! I honestly couldn't believe it. I thought i was done with all of this nonsense. But it has been continuously snowing ALL day... poor me.

Mark's Haircut

So Mark got a new haircut... well more like a buzz. His cousin Briant came over to show us how it's done. (like it's that hard to figure out...) But isnt he so cute??

Cool MoHawk!!

Such a cutie!!

Our Apartment

A while ago, our apartment complex put up notices saying that they were choosing a new model apartment to show potential residents. If they choose you, you get $50 off your rent every month. You just have to keep your apartment clean, and be gone most of the day... which is great because our apartment is always clean (ha ha) and we both are gone during they day. Anyway, we had to write a letter telling why we should be chosen. So we did... and it was awesome. A couple days after we submitted our letter, this lady called Mark and said that she liked our letter the best by far, and wanted to come look at our apartment. So she came and LOVED it. She told Mark that we would for sure get it, but she had two other apartments to look at us before she could confirm it with us. Anyway, later that night she called back and said that we didn't get it, because one of the other apartments that she looked at was a "deluxe" apartment (which means that they have a ceiling fan and crown molding and the rent is $30 more than a regular one like ours.) So we were pretty upset, but it is probably for the best. Anyway, we took some pictures of our apartment for it... so here they are.

New Baby Ian

Marks sister Melinda had her baby boy Ian on March 4th!

Valentines Cookies

Earlier last month I made these cookies with my mother in law. It was so much fun and a TON of work. We made them for an art market and we were a big hit and sold all 175 of them!

Valentines Present

So i know it's late, but we actually took pictures of this, so i figure better late than never. For Valentines day this year, Mark got me the tulip bulbs. (I believe when Calvin and Sanya were here, Calvin called them onion bulbs... but they didn't have flowers then.) Anyway, here are some pictures we took that showed their progression. I loved them because i got to enjoy them for a full month instead of just a week or so.