Thursday, July 30, 2009

8 Things

Bryton tagged me, so here it goes:

8 things i am looking forward to:

1. being done with school
2. time with Mark between summer and fall semester
3. meeting my new nephew!
4. seeing family
5. the new fall sitcoms
6. watching the finale of sytycd
7. getting in shape
8. every weekend

8 things i did this weekend:

1. went out to dinner
2. the temple
3. made an apple pie
4. made a cheesecake
5. watched a movie with Mark
6. went on a hike with Mark
7. slept
8. hung out with family

8 things i wish i could do:

1. dance
2. fly
3. apparate
4. run long distances without getting tired
5. go shopping everyday
6. be more social
7. be able to stay in bed as long as i want
8. visit family whenever i want

8 shows i watch:

1. sytycd
2. 24
3. mental
4. dog the bounty hunter
5. king of queens
6. everybody loves raymond
7. lie to me
8. animal planet

8 places i'd like to travel:

1. all of europe
2. hawaii
3. new york
4. any cruise destination
5. california
6. new zealand
7. spain
8. mexico

8 things i am grateful for:

1. mark
2. the gospel
3. my fam
4. naps
5. vacation
6. the internet
7. my portable fan, my apartment gets so hot!
8. an education

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Update

So i found some pictures that Wendy sent us from a while ago, so i thought i would update the world (or the 5 people who read my blog) about the goings on of my summer. Here we go!

I went to summer school!
I finished summer school!
I finished summer school with a 4.0!

I conquered my intense fear for about 5 seconds while i took this picture!

We got some Jamba 2 for 1 coupons and have been taking advantage. who knew Jamba tastes even better frozen?!

Went for walks down the Provo River walkway

we also went on a new hike and i dont have any pics with me now, plus i look AWFUL in them. trust me, you dont want to see me tired, sweaty, and with absolutely zero makeup on. Plus i was terrified the whole time becasue we ran into two snakes! OK, OK, they were baby gardeners, but they are still snakes. that wiggle. and slither. on the ground. by my feet. and up my leg. and in my hair. You get the picture.

Now onto my daily routine:

I go to work.
I come home.
I eat a yogurt parfait.
I watch this:Specifically this:
Then this:
Then this:
but don't get the wrong idea here. I really dont just sit on my butt all day. I am doing things while i watch/listen to these shows. Here is a list of things i do while i indulge in these shows:

plan Sunday lessons
eat lunch
clean my apartment
make lists like this
plan dinner
grocery shop (obviously not a do-and-watch kind of thing)
make dinner

Also, i started a new thing last week that worked pretty well. I go to the gym during Ellen and run while i watch. That my friends is called multi-tasking!

I figured out how to take cereal with me to work
Yes, that is a icing thing for cake decorating.

And the best part!!! I get to hang out with this kid!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sun Valley 2009

Last week we went on our annual trip to Sun Valley. We'll start off with the traditional "lift" picture:

Who is the 5th shoe you might ask?

It's Wendy!!!

Mark and I at the top!

All of us on the trail with the camera propped up on a log

We had quite an adventure this year. We had a time limit of two hours, so half way through, we left the trail and just started walking down the service road. Well it turned out it wasn't the service road we thought it was and we ended up walking all the way over to the wrong mountain and back again. We finally made it though.

Mark and I were fine with the round-about way down, but i felt so bad for Wendy. She forgot to bring her hiking shoes with her, so she had to borrow her moms Tennis shoes. Let's just say there weren't much traction on them.

Once we finally made it down, we went home and cleaned up, had some lunch, and went swimming. Then cleaned up again and Mark and I went bowling at the little bowling alley they have on the resort.

I'll just come out and say it: I suck at bowling. Mark beat me by more than double the points

Mark and the ball. They are practically one now.

Later we FINALLY made it to the ice cream social. They have this every year and of the three years we have gone this is the first time we have made it for some reason. I mean come on, it doesn't get better than free ice cream!

Here we all are enjoying our ice cream.

Strauss, Kassandra, Katrina, Robert, Mark

Mom and Dad

Wendy, Doug, Cheryl, and Abi

Mark REALLY loved his ice cream!

Almost as much as the kids!




Later that night we went back to the condo and hung out and played games.

I saw Cheryl combing Abi's hair and couldn't resist a picture. So cute!

Some of you may remember our trip to this store 2 years ago. We were pretty disappointed there weren't as many weird clothes to try on this year. This was the best we got

We had a great time! Thank you Mom and Dad for providing the opportunity for us to relax in such a great place!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Johnson Family Reunion

Today we had a Johnson family reunion in Heber. (for Mark's mom's side of the fam) Here are some pics of the day.

Caden eating at the breakfast picnic.

We all made name tags and i had Wendy make mine. She came back with one that just said "Mark's wife" then later she gave me a real one. So here i am with both!


Mom and Dad doing the dutch oven!

Steven and Spencer

Little Ian

Cute little cousins

Mark's cousin Rachelle

Melinda and Ian

Melinda organized some games to play after breakfast. This one is basically musical chairs with blindfolds and cushions instead of chairs. Mark found his cushion so he was trying to keep track of it until the music stopped.

Then we played another game called "you scream, I scream, I can't see my ice cream." Mark played with his brother in law Jake against some of his cousins.

Mark pulled the kids in the wagon

All the girls. Cheryl, me, Wendy, Melinda, Katrina, Samantha

Then we had a parade down to the other cabin.

Then we hung out for a bit, and I got to ride a horse for the first time in years!


Mark rode too!

We had a great time!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


The MOST AMAZING thing happened to me today. I was bored at work as usual, so i checked my email. And there it was. Just a little email that completely made my day. I WON a contest! Yesterday and the day before i entered a contest on that Ellen was doing and I WON!!! and what did i win you might ask??? Oh just 2 little tickets. To see the new Harry Potter movie. On JULY 13!!! two days before it officially comes out!!

I didn't even know what to do. I just started jumping up and down back here in my little office. I was completely stunned!!! I WON!!!! I don't even have to wait up all night for a midnight showing! I immediately started calling everyone that would appreciate this news. But nobody answered, so I just had to blog about it!

I am beside myself!

Mark get ready for your wife to be a giddy little girl for the next couple days. And get ready for the best date you've ever had!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Fourth of July

So here is what we did on the 4th

Mark got up early to go to the flag raising ceremony at the church. I was smart and slept in!
The funniest thing happened when he was there though. Mark was talking to someone, but saw some ladies standing near them talking about him. One lady pointed at him and said to the other "Now who does this boy belong to?" Ha Ha. Everyone thinks Mark is so young. This has been happening a lot lately it is cracking us up.

They had another balloon launch so here is the picture of the flag and some balloons in the back

Later that day we went with Wendy and had a picnic in the park and saw this free play about America. Here i am with Lady Liberty in the background. Pretty fancy.

Wendy put on quite the show at the play

Our photo shoot with some flags

Then i went home and played with friends

Then we went up to Mark's parents for a little fourth of July BBQ. Here i am slurping some lemonade

Wendy and Kassandra

Strauss setting up Crockett

Mark setting the tables

Mark showing off his battle wounds from mountain biking the day before

The whole fam damly itching to eat some grub

Kassandra is so hungry!

Strauss and Kassandra

Playing a little Uno.

Strauss getting ready to light a firework!
After Strauss did his firework show, Mark and i headed back to Provo to see the BIG show. Mark had this great idea earlier in the day. We were driving home from the picnic and i said i wanted a Popsicle and Mark said he wanted to sell popsicles to all the people that walk by our apartment to go to the firework show.

Later that day, i walked into the room and found Mark with this:

Here is Mark trying to sell his load

We were pretty late getting there, so by the time we were there the show was almost over. So we missed everyone on their way there. But we still tried to get them on their way back to their cars.

As you can imagine, it didn't go so well. So now i have a freezer full of frozen lemonade and Fat Boys.

Here is Mark with his earnings for the night. $4!!!!