Friday, November 21, 2008

Mark is 24!!!

So it's official!! Mark turned 24 on November 14. We were pretty lame picture takers, but we had a great time! this is Mark after he opened all 2 of his presents. The first chocolate orange of the year, and a new web cam!

So as you can see, i'm having some hair issues. I went in to get rid of the red, and i said i wanted blonde. i came home with practically black. I'm just not meant to have nice hair ever again. But anyway, this was the only other picture we got on Mark's actual day. I tried to take others, but let's just say there was someone who didnt want to.

So, here is how the day went, I went to work in the morning as usual, Mark stayed home to hang out and relax... Or so i thought, i came home and Mark had cleaned the whole apartment, including scrubbing the bathroom floor. Silly kid, the one day he has the excuse to take it easy. Anyway, I got home from work and Mark and I went to lunch at Einstein Bros. It was so amazing!!!! I've never had one of their sandwiches, and i discovered that i had never really lived until that day. It was amazing.

Then, Mark and I went to pick up his sister Wendy and we drove all the way to downtown Salt Lake to see the new 007 at the Gateway (outdoor mall). We drove all the way there because Mark had said he wanted to get some caramel apples at a shop that is there, so we thought we would do it after the movie.

But, before we went in to the movie, Wendy said that we needed to try to find this store called Ben's cookies. We found it and got some cookies and they were SO GOOD! in case you can't tell, we are all about the good food/treats!

After the movie, we decided that we were too full on movie candy and Ben's cookies, so we ended up not getting the caramel apples, so we drove all the way to Salt Lake for no real reason, but that's OK, we enjoyed the drive.

So it was pretty much a great great day. Mark had asked me for a banana cream pie for his birthday, but i didn't have time to make it for the actual day. So this is him with it a few days later.

Happy birthday Mark!! i hope you had as much fun as I did!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Real Halloween

So everybody can stop being so disappointed in me, because i did end up dressing up for Halloween. I was Hermione from Harry Potter. It was a very last minute decision and I had to use things that i already had. (Mostly from Mark's side of the closet) I decided to be Hermione because Mark and I had planned to take his nephew Strauss to a town about half an hour away that was doing a special "Harry Potter Halloween." In this one neighborhood, everyone decorated their house like a location from Harry Potter. One house was King's Cross Station, another was Snape's office, another was Gringott's Bank. There were about 20 houses that were doing it, so we were really excited.

BUT, on our way to pick up Strauss, we decided to call and confirm that he was still coming with us. We called to discover that he had just left with his friends. Yes, we were ditched by a 10 year old. So we were pretty disapointed, and decided it would be kinda awkward if we went trick or treating without some kind of a kid with us. so instead we went back to our apartment and ordered pizza and watched the first Harry Potter movie with Wendy.

By the way, i did go to school like this too. I even carried my books like this instead of in my bag like I normally do. Some people could even tell who i was!!