Wednesday, June 30, 2010

That's MR. Graduate!

I'm a little bit late in posting this, but it doesn't make it any less exciting!

Mark Graduated!!!

here he is on his very last day of school. In order for him to graduate, he had to write a senior dissertation. On his last day of school he met with 3 advisers in order to defend his paper, so that is why he is dressed so cute!

Mark had his defense on Thursday and it went great! they just suggested a few modifications. He was making those changes on Saturday when i told him i had a surprise for him, blindfolded him, and took him to a....


he was pretty surprised! I'm so glad all of our friends and family could make it!

After the party Mark's parents insisted that we get graduation pictures together since we both graduated so close to each other.

When it was all done we had a little balloon launch!

a few days later we got stuck for a couple hours on our way to AZ (story to come). While we were waiting, Mark called Melinda and had her check his email for him. There was an email from his main adviser telling him that his modified paper was approved and he OFFICIALLY graduated!

Here he is right after finding out he passed his last semester with a 4.0!

Mark, i couldn't be more proud of you! you worked so hard, and guess what??


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anyone Want Some Stickers?

So, Mark, Melinda, and I have gone in on a little business venture. We bought these scrapbooking/crafty stickers and are hoping we can sell them.

Here are all the colors.

There are also lower case letters and numbers.

They are technically for "shadowing" but i have already found lots of very fun and entertaining things to do with them.

such as:

mess with people while they are napping!

The feet were definitely the hardest because i kept tickling him. but he had no idea about the rest!! ha ha.

Memorial Day

Memorial day was quite the treat this year. we spent time with family and friends and good food.

here is mom getting all the good times started!

once all the fam made it over, we all climbed in the cars and went on a little hike.

Melinda with Alex and Ian

Mom and Dad


Steven and boys

Dad teaching the boys to make whistles out of grass

Me and sleeping baby Alex

After the hike we went home and got our lovely dutch oven breakfast going!!!

Mark made orange rolls. i think we put too many in, and let them rise too much. but they still tasted glorious!

It was a wonderful relaxing day!


Since moving in with Mark's parents we have had a grand ol' time! One of our favorite things is the fire pit in the back yard. we have made smores at least 3 times in the past 1 1/2 weeks. The first time we managed to take some pictures.

this is me making fun of Mark. he is truly his mothers child. Everything must be done in a FANCY manner. on this occasion it included putting all the smores ingredients on a beautiful platter.

Notice the MASSIVE marshmallows. mark's mom found them for us, hence all the smores. You literally use 2 whole graham crackers and if you do it right a whole chocolate bar.

granted, they are a little messy.

One of my favorite things about the huge marshmallows is that you can roast it, take a layer off and keep roasting! mmmm!!!

fam: i'm thinking we are going to need these at the reunion.