Friday, October 14, 2011

Love Day

Mark and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on Tuesday. It was a wonderful day of our love!

Keeping up with tradition we went to Park City. We love that place. especially on our love day! On the way down we saw these 4 helicopters. We decided they were representing our 4 years of marriage! (sorry if you can't see them very well... and aren't we so patriotic!?)

We did have a HUGE disappointment. Every year for our anniversary, we used to go to this cute little fudge shop. this is what we found this year...

CLOSED!!! we were quite sad.

Anyway, we quickly recovered because we had dinner at Zoom. It is one of Robert Redford's restaurants as part of Sundance.

  For appetizers we got pulled pork quesadillas. YUM!!

I got these intensely flavorful noodles!!! I want more right now! they were so savory and delicious!

Mark got the steak. It was also very delicious!

Let's just say that we were very full afterwards, and our wallets were much lighter. This tied for our most expensive meal ever! But oh so much better!

We drove around and thoroughly enjoyed the fall colors. We decided we were married at the exact perfect time when everything is beautiful and the weather is perfect!

And better late than never, mark got me roses!! So sweet!


Sherry (Li Rong) said...

We are destined to be friends. We even celebrate our anniversaries the exact same way!!! :-)

Kat said...

Happy anniversary you two!! Thanks SO much for coming to my shower. It was fantastic to see you! As always, you look fabulous. Love ya girl!

CS Fenn said...

You got the 4 helicopter fly-over AND the cloud shaped like a dove. I KNEW IT... you guys were totally meant for each other!